Some nice words...

I felt so encouraged and beautiful.

Having my colours done by Julia was such a wonderful and life changing experience!

Julia has such a lovely calm way of explaining what she is doing and showing me why particular shades suited me more than others. I felt so encouraged and beautiful. It has given me the confidence to wear bold clear colours in a way I would never have dared to before. It inspired my so much that two years later I went on to train as colour consultant myself!

I cannot recommend having a colour session with Julia highly enough.

A truly amazing and eye opening experience!

If someone had asked me a couple of years ago I would have said that I thought I knew what colours suited me when it came to buying clothes. That was until I had my colours done with Julia. This was a truly amazing and eye opening experience.  Julia talked me through a range of colours and showed me different fabrics next to my skin, I then knew that some of the colours I had been wearing for years were not doing anything for me, and others that I would never have chosen really suited me. It completely changed my shopping for clothes as I would go armed with my little swatch set that I got following the session, and look for clothes in those colours.
I would strongly recommend Julia to anyone and this is an experience every woman should have.

Fun, relaxing and very informative

I really enjoyed having my colours done by Julia, it was fun, relaxing and very informative. It's helped me make good choices when buying clothes, making shopping more efficient and productive as I know what I'll look best in and what to avoid. It's also helped me be braver with colours I liked but wouldn't wear before (like green) cause I know what shade is best for me. I've had a lot of compliments about the clothes I've bought since getting my colours done, so taking that as a good sign!

It has completely changed the way I dress

After seeing the transformation that my mum went through when Julia did her colours, I was keen to have my done too. Whilst I had always worn autumnal colours (which it turned out do feature in my colours), I also wore a lot of blue and purple. It quickly became apparent that these shades washed me out. I was also a fan of silver jewellery but again, it was clear that gold suited me better.

Following the consultation I quickly updated my wardrobe as it turned out that I could wear the autumnal colours that my mum couldn't, so her wardrobe halved and mine doubled!!

I now know which colours to choose in shops, and it is even possible to walk in the shop door and quickly realise that I won't find anything in there for me. If I am in any doubt, I always have my colour swatch in my bag to refer to. I would definitely recommend this colours service, it was truly eye opening and has completely changed the way I dress and shop!

Should have done this years ago!

Having my colours done was a fascinating experience! I had no idea how different I would look and feel by the end of the session.

As Julia worked her way through the swatches it became obvious that my wardrobe should consist of bright cool colours with high contrast completely opposed to the safe, autumnal shades I tended to choose. It took me a while to get my head round the result but what a difference it has made to choosing clothes now.

I can walk into a shop & immediately know if the range is suitable for me - which saves time & money.  Should have done this years ago! Definitely a good investment!

Having my colours done has increased my confidence.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. It was very chilled and relaxed and fun and I know we all laughed a lot! I remember it took a lot longer than I'd imagined. It was a surprisingly thorough and in depth process!

Having my colours done has increased my confidence a lot in terms of being braver in my choice of colours. I always take my colour swatch with me when I'm shopping although now I can usually tell just by looking whether something's 'my' colour or not. It's made it easier to put outfits together ( something I was useless at before) and you're the only person to persuade me to wear something other than jeans!

You gave me advice , not only on colour but styles and shapes and even the tone I should look for in jewellery and accessories. Sometimes people compliment what I'm wearing but more often people comment on how well I'm looking which is lovely. I can even tell now which people in a room have been 'Julia'd' and it's always the people who look fab! 

93% of a first impression is based on how we look and sound, only 7% is on what we say.
Albert Mehrabian