group consultations

Group consultations and parties

Whether it is for a hen party, birthday or just an excuse to get together, I can tailor make an evening for you. We can either concentrate on colour and its impact, or look at style and dressing with confidence.  Using visuals and fun exercises you can all pick up some tips that will make a real difference when choosing your outfits.  Each person will come away with a mini colour direction card/fact sheet, and can enjoy 25% off a full consultation. The host of course enjoys this for free.

Price:  £25 each
4-6 people
How long:  2½ - 3 hours

Mini workshops

If you are looking for a full consultation in either colour or style, for (yourself and) up to 2 friends; I can put together a part/full day for you. This is perfect for busy people, and is more cost effective. It’s a great alternative to a spa day and the benefits will last a lot longer!

Colour or style analysis

Price:  £80 each
2 people
How long:  2½ - 3 hours
Price:  £70 each
3 people
How long:  3½ - 4 hours

If you have a few friends or family members who want to join in; for up to 5 people at £50 I can provide a workshop and combine a bit of style and colour.  You will each come away with a mini colour direction card and a fact sheet with some savvy style tips to make a difference on your next shopping trip.  Bring a few clothes from your wardrobe; a mixture of some you love and those that you’re not sure about. Maybe you might be able to swap them! This will last approximately 5-6 hours.

The best colour in the world is the one that looks best on you.
Coco Chanel