about julia

I have always loved fashion, and that coupled with a creative streak makes what I do so enjoyable. Through my 20’s and 30’s I was busy working for the airlines in the south, later raising 4 children. It wasn’t until my late 30’s that a friend introduced me to colour analysis. 

Having my colours was a complete revelation for me. I was horrified and delighted at the same time! Horrified that I had often been wearing completely the wrong colours for so long and wasted so much money, and delighted that I now had a lovely new palette to enjoy. 

From there I never really looked back, and then went on to train (as a colour consultant) with ‘First Impressions’ in 2006 so that I was also armed with the
necessary knowledge to show others that shopping needn’t be stressful and confusing.  Simply following a few simple rules you could save time and money knowing exactly what colours and styles show off the very best of you. 

I am a believer that this is an essential skill that we
should all have in today’s image conscious world, and 
will not cease to benefit us throughout our lives.  It
really is lots of fun, and will give you a great confidence boost too!

93% of a first impression is based on how we look and sound, only 7% is on what we say.
Albert Mehrabian